Debra Ghigna, Guest Poet

Sleep Over

Last night all the lightning
and thunder was frightening.
And so I crawled under
your bed for a while,
beneath a big pile
of clothing and toys
(because of the noise).

So next time it’s stormy
and you’re looking for me,
don’t worry or wonder;
if I’m sleeping over,
and it starts to thunder--
I’m sleeping under.


  1. What a sweet twist on the sleep over. (This poem could be spoken in the voice of my dog.)

  2. I really liked this! What a nice guest post!

  3. So many images come to mind with this poem. I see my children and yes, my dog too! Very nice.

  4. Looks like you've got some competition in the poetry department, Charles! Really liked this!

  5. This is great! My son loved it.