My Quiet Time

I pick a book
from off my shelf.
I read.  I dream
all by myself.

My quiet time
to think about
all the world
from inside out.

©Charles Ghigna

Charlotte Rose at the Birmingham Zoo


Like black and white striped ponies
They prance among the trees;
A bunch of horses all dressed up
Like big piano keys!

©Charles Ghigna

A Possum in the House

A possum got inside the house.
I thought it was a giant mouse.
It ran and hid beneath the bed
And then pretended he was dead.
I waited by the bedroom door.
The possum ran across the floor.
Possums look a lot like rats,
Except they are the size of cats.
With fifty teeth inside a snout,
It’s always best to let them out.

Debra Ghigna, Guest Poet

Sleep Over

Last night all the lightning
and thunder was frightening.
And so I crawled under
your bed for a while,
beneath a big pile
of clothing and toys
(because of the noise).

So next time it’s stormy
and you’re looking for me,
don’t worry or wonder;
if I’m sleeping over,
and it starts to thunder--
I’m sleeping under.

Cupcake Face

Cupcake eyes
Cupcake nose
Cupcake sweet
As Charlotte Rose

Cupcake smile
Cupcake kisses
Cupcake face
That Grandpa misses